First of all, all praise and gratitude be to Almighty Allah, Who guided and made it convenient for His humble bondman, as the writer is, to undertake and accomplish such an important assignment. Whoso-ever helped the writer in this material world, was with the grace of Allah Almighty. It is really He Who implanted and infused in their minds the love and affection for the writer and his assignment. The writer owes a debt of gratitude to all of such benefactors:

Lt. Col. (Rtd) 'Ābid Husayn 'Ābid;

Mr. Nadhīr Ahmad Ghāzī Advocate;

Mr. Na`īm Durrānī, Chief Executive, Noor Durrani & Associates;

Mr Nawab Nayyar Iqbāl;

I feel it my duty to extend my gratitude to:

Mr Azeem Ayyub,

Mr. Sajid Hameed,

for their cooperation in compiling the book.; and making it presentable.