There is no denying the fact that man has made tremendous progress in every sphere of life. The last couple of centuries have been of immense importance in this regard. Scientists introduced a new era in the history of man making a break-through in every branch of science. The nature of this progress was such that with each step that man took towards development, he came closer to the conclusion of a Godless world. Material prosperity dazzled him so immensely that he turned almost blind to observe the stark reality to which every particle of this world bears witness. The intellectuals of the world made an absurd blunder because they ignored the simple fact that the knowledge of the entire cosmos – something beyond the reach of man – was a pre-requisite to comprehend the underlying cause of the world's creation. Although, this scientific atheism, which awed many people, was later done away with completely when new research showed that the mechanical interpretation of the universe was nothing more than a fallacy, material advancement that science helped man added to the toughness of his trial and test through under the divine scheme of Allah, the Almighty.

Everyone would agree that while new technological innovations have made our life much more comfortable. They have given a quiet way for evil to creep into every fundamental unit (home) of our society. Electronic media has surpassed print media in this regard since the former is much more interactive and alluring than the later. Every society is indeed sensitive to evil in its blatant form, but not always of this evil which spreads slowly but surely in the disguise of 'need of the hour'. It is usually not possible to assess the slow poisoning effects of this quiet evil initially but, as time passes, it changes the whole course of a person's life. Thus, a once innocent person indulges in activities he himself never imagined1. Ironically, it is often difficult to realize the misfortune till the octopus entangles the victim from top to bottom. Then, the person feels like the scattered pieces of a broken glass which can not be put together to make the genuine person again. Satan, who played the previous game skillfully, now begins to play another one even more tactfully to fully achieve his ends. The pitiable creature is made to see the Ever Merciful Creator, who is much near, miles away from him: a distance he feels ashamed to tread. The nature of the mistakes he has made is so grave that it is foolish to still expect forgiveness from the Almighty. He suddenly begins to hate himself for the filth he has got himself soaked with. How worthless my life is! This treacherous animal does not deserve to live.

As pointed out earlier, we have been put through a test in this world by the Almighty. The very nature of this test requires that we subsist in this world no matter how trying the circumstances we have to face or we shall run quite averse to the underlying purpose of the world's creation. This is why suicide has vehemently been condemned by Islam. The point that needs to be kept in mind is that while we are supposed to follow the Good and avoid the Evil throughout our life, we are never expected to live a perfect life. If we had been immune to evil influences, we would not have been subjected to a test since the essence of it entails that there should be full-blown difficulties and also potential opportunities at the same time. According to the verdict of the Qur'an, those who fear the Almighty shall get through this test successfully. They shall be blessed with their Lord's favor and forgiveness on the Last Day. In the words of the Qur'an:

For those who feared the Lord without having seen Him, there is indeed 'forgiveness and a great reward'. (67:12)

The implication is clear that those who fear their Lord will falter but since this fear of Him induces them to repent and mend their ways each time they error, they shall meet with their Lord's favor and forgiveness on the Last Day. It is, therefore concluded here that though our mistakes should bring tears to our eyes and feelings of sadness to our heart, they must never dissuade us from starting our journey yet again with ever new strength and courage.

(Jhangeer Hanif)

1. This writer does not opine that media is the only factor that has given rise to evil. There are indeed other factors as well, for instance, non-provision of justice, the difficulties one has to face in gratifying one's basic desires legally, inequitable distribution of wealth etc. They equally cause a person to lose his equanimity and resort to despicable ways. The point that needs to be appreciated here is that the media, in recent times, has worked like fuel to the fire. As for the plus points of the media, they are duly recognized here.


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