Some Requests to Young Adults

Some Requests to Young Adults


On the shoulders of the young adults of a society rests its future. If they are honest, intelligent and dynamic, a country is bound to prosper and take its position among the comity of top nations. However, if the case is contrary to this, continued decadence might be its fate.

In this background, I would like to make some solemn requests to our young adults. Some of these requests are general and some specific to a rather hostile relationship with parents which is now slowly spreading and taking its toll.

Firstly, they must try to determine their basic aptitude and inclination. Each person is blessed with some talent or the other. If this is discovered earlier on in life and then polished and developed, it can pay immense dividends. Unfortunately, educational systems of most third world countries are not geared to help students in this matter. So this is a task they must undertake on self-help basis.

Secondly, they must always pay heed to the calls of their conscience. The Almighty has innately blessed each individual with the awareness of good and evil. No external agency is required to find this out. A conscience which is living and vibrant sounds a person about what is right and wrong. This is God's guidance to basic truth and falsehood. Treading on this path will make a person upright in this world and entitled to the Almighty's mercy in the Hereafter.

Thirdly, they should try to guard their gazes and stop them from taken undue liberty. This is the starting point of being chaste and modest. Anything that tarnishes the mirror of the soul should be abstained from. The Almighty says that He will choose only purified souls for His Paradise in the Hereafter. If our young adults keep this target in mind our future society will be based on strong family values and on achieving higher ideals in life.

Fourthly, they should be law abiding citizens and also know that it is the Qur'an (4:59) which has actually asked them to obey the law of the land. In other words, if they stop at a traffic light, remain within speed limits, do not throw litter and stand in queue they are not only following the laws of their countries as responsible citizens, they are also following a very important directive of their religion. Disciplined behavior makes a nation prosper and makes individuals responsible citizens

Fifthly, they should strive to become morally upright individuals. A person cannot be religiously devout unless he is a good human being. Our youth want to become high achievers in their studies and other spheres of life. One area which they must add, if not done already, to this sphere is character and conduct. They should strive to become truthful, honest, humble, grateful, sympathetic, charitable, generous, selfless and morally courageous. If they achieve excellence in this sphere, the world will remember them when they depart and angels will welcome them at the gates of Paradise.


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