The Taj

The Taj

Rhyme & Reason

Sahir Ludhiyanwi /

Tr by Asif Iftikhar

The Taj for you be love depicted

With its inebriety you be afflicted

But let our tryst be elsewhere my Love

For what cause the poor may roam

In gathering places of the affluent

Places with monuments to their glory

Have no room for our love, our story

My love, behind curtain celebrate love

These glorious edifices, did you see not?

Happy around the tombs of kings

Our own dingy homes, you just forgot?

Countless are those that have loved

Says who their feelings were not true?

But no celebration of their deep love

For they too never riches knew

These palaces 'n tombs, towers 'n walls

Pillars of dictatorial kings' lofty glory

Flowery patterns on Time's bosom

In the blood of our forbears still gory

My love, they too loved well

The Taj's beauty, whose toil shaped

Gravesof their loved ones unmarked

None ever on them a candle placed

The engraved doors 'n walls, the arches

The orchids, the Jamna bank, this palace

An emperor through his wealth has shown

To the poor man's love disparaging malice

Let our tryst be elsewhere my Love.

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