Objection Against Imam Abu Hanifah

I wanted to know what exactly are the objections raised against Imam Abu Hanifah in the field of Hadith and your response to these.

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A Negative View Of The Work And Contributions Of Imam Abu Hanifa

I recently came to know from some of my friends that imam Auu Hanifa was a deviant. He referred to the views of the great scholars of the past about the work and person of Imam Abu Hanifah. He told me that Imam Fakhr Al-Din Razi, wrote: "Imam Ahmad b. Hanbal was asked about Imam Malik. The reply was: “His Hadiths are correct but the narrators are weak.” Someone asked him about Imam Shafi'i. The reply was: “His Hadiths and opinion is correct.” Then someone asked him about Imam Abu Hanifa. He said "Nu’man's opinion and his hadiths bear no value'."

Similar or severer comments have been attributed to Imam Shafi’i and Imam Malik. Some report that they even called him a liar. Please comment.
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