Further On Predestination And Accountability

Thanks for your precious time to reply my question.[1]

Unfortunately, the answer does not help on my question as:
We believe Allah has decided our fate well before our birth He says we cannot do good things unless He bestows us with "Hidayat".
Unlike teacher student relationship, where student himself decided not to follow teachings, we are not given choice; this is decided before our birth.
Kindly help us on right direction.
Thanks in advance.

[1] This refers to the discussion on Predestination and Accountability
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Predestination And Accountability

My children, aged 16-19 years usually ask me lot of questions to understand our religion. One of their recent questions has forced me to seek your help.

We Muslims believe that Allah has written in the Bok (Taqdeer) all that we are going to do in our life, even before our birth. We cannot do anything outside what has already been decided by Him as our fate. We are like "actors" who are following the directions of the director, the "GOD". Then if we do wrong things in our life, or commit sins etc., that too is as per our fate. Then why will He be punishing us on the Day of Judgment.

Kindly help me answer this question in details.

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Sustenance And Predestination

What part does predestination contribute in life of mankind regarding their sustenance and other facilities?

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