Marrying A HIV Patient

I have a following two questions which are connected.

1- Is it halal for a Muslim man or women to marry a Muslim man or women with HIV positive? My reason for asking is that the one who is HIV negative is putting his/her into danger of getting that HIV because as per my understanding Islam doesn't encourage to hurt yourself. There can be some Muslim man/women who did something bad and now they have asked Allah for forgiveness.

2- Is it alright to help some HIV positive male/female in finding life partner. I think answer of this will depend on first one. I am talking about those HIV positive who wants to come back in normal life and forget about their mistakes and they have asked Allah for forgiveness.

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Doing Good In The Hands Of Death

There are some life threatening diseases about which, doctors predict the possible time of death with 99% accuracy. It is because the disease is very dangerous and there is no treatment. Common examples are cancers which already spread to all body (metastasis) or full blown AIDS etc. Doctors usually advise the patient to accept it and to do all things what they want to do for their children or themselves before death. In such cases how a Muslim should react?

1)Can he/she still believe that a miracle could happen? I saw many cases in which usually patient died within the time period (more or less) given especially in metastasis cancers.
2)If he/she accepts that he/she soon going to die, according to latest science research,. and tries to arrange something for his kids or family before dying would it be sin?
4)If he/she would become good Muslim in practice after knowing about his short life Allah would accept his/her good (deeds) after knowing that he/she is soon going to die?
5)What is the best du’a (prayer) he should make during this time?
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