Burying The Dead

I am a student at a famous university in Lahore. In my university the element of atheism and nonconformist is getting stronger each day.

Today one of them argued on the way Muslims bury their relatives, he said that in his point of view when a loved one dies, the place of his body should be preserved and should not be left the way it is ordered in Islam, i.e. it should not remain as wet mud, rather it should be in form of marble or something else.

My argument was entirely social in that I argued that even if he was not Muslim follower, it was easy to see that if a person dies and the place is reserved forever, there will come a time when we will run out of places to live. He demanded that I show to him any authentic proof of Islamic way of burial and also give more logic if possible.

I would be grateful to you if you could help me out and help me bring this person to the right path.

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Why Believe In One God

Why believe in a God? It is an old question and has been debated for thousands of years with no particularly satisfactory answers. However it does bug me. Please let me know your arguments.

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