Method Of Bathing After Sexual Intimacy

I need to know the method of bathing after having sex, including the dua's to be recited

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Applying Hina

It is generally said that a women should not apply hina or hair colour during her menstrual cycle. The reason is that she is impure at that time and as such cannot get pure on getting bath once her cycle is over. These colors go with time and cannot be removed through taking bath. In other way you can say that if she has applied it before her menstrual period then it is ok as she was pure at that time. The same issue will apply when bath is due on her after copulation and she applies hina etc. before the bath at that stage. Kindly advise.

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Taking Bath After Sexual Intimacy

Does a simply washing the body purify an individual who has to obtain purification after having sex or one has to follow a set of rules govering the ritual bath?

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طہارت کے متعلق سوالات

1- اگر سادہ نہا لیا جائے ، خواہ جسم کے کسی حصے پر پانی پہنچے یا نہ پہنچے؛ایسی صورت میں غسل جنابت ہوجائے گا یا نہیں ؟

2- غسل جنابت میں کانوں کو دھونا چاہیے یا محض اُن پر گیلی انگلیوں سے مسح کرلینا کافی ہوتا ہے؟

3- پیشابکرنے کے بعد اگر پیشاب کے قطرے نکل آئیں تو کپڑے پاک کرنے ہوں گے یا پھر صرف وضو کر کے نماز ادا کر سکتے ہیں؟