Jihad And Qital

My question is with regards to jihad and qital given the circumstances today. Is qital obligator for the modern day Muslim?

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Militant Islam

I am a Muslim from India. I want to know why has the history of the followers of Islam been so bloody and continues to be so. It pains me to see my fellow followers of the faith getting killed every single day, somewhere in the world.Is acceptance of change not a part of Islam? Is the message of peace not understood and propogated by our religious leaders? Is forgiveness not a bigger force compared to vengeance in our religion?

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Obligation To Wage Jihad

In a video-clip (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-N4Wf_RR-0), Mawlānā Waḥīd al-Dīn Khān has claimed that, since killing of non-combatants is not permissible in Islam, the scope of jihad has almost ended in the nuclear area as war can escalate into a situation where killing innocents may become inevitable. Also, he believes that only defensive (in self-defence) is permissible and, that too, only at the level of the state. In an essay of his “Ṣabr kē us pār,” he advises Muslims to suppress their desires and focus only on their responsibilities. What are your views n this regard?

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The Life Of A Martyr

Are martyrs dead or alive?

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Conflict Between Hazrat Aishah (rta) And Hazrat Ali (rta)

My question is about the status of Hazrat Ayesha in our eyes. God has revealed a complete surah in her respect. The Qur’an also requires of them to stay in their homes. Apparently her offensive against Hazrat Ali is a violation of the express Qur’anic command. If it was not wrong than why did she resign and withdraw herself from public politics? I also want to know she got killed?

My second question is why Hazrat Ali (rta) changed the capital from Medina to kufa? Was there a specific strategy involved? Or as the point seems people of Makkah were not ready to accept him?
My third question about the term shaheed? Can one dying of medical problems be called shaheed? Were Hazrat Umar (rta) and Usman (rta) shaheed or we only respectfully regard them as such. They were not fighting with enemy but they were only running the government and discharging their responsibility. Why don’t we confine the criteria of shaheed only to the martyrs of war as it seems most simple and appropriate because due to this broad criteria we have made the people who have not contributed in Muslim Umma much but became shaheed and are enjoying more status than deserved for example Banazir Bhutto, her father, Zia ul Haq etc?
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Difference Between Jihad And Muharabah

May I ask what the crucial differences are between the Arabic words Jihad and Muharabah?

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When Does Jihad Become Obligatory For A Muslim?

What are the circumstances that make Jihad obligatory on a Muslim citizen? What is the punishment for not taking part in Jihad when it has become obligatory?

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Waging War Against The Disbelievers

The following Hadith states that we should fight people (which I presume refers to disbelievers):

I have been directed to fight against these people until they testify to the oneness of God and to the prophethood of Muhammad, establish the prayer and pay zakāh. (Muslim,No:22)
So are we required to kill all disbelievers?
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Jihad In The Bible

What is the Biblical view on Jihad. Did the Prophet Moses (sws) and the Prophet Jesus (sws) wage Jihad in their times?

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Is Jihad Only For Self-Defence?

There are some scholars who believe that all wars fought by the Prophet of Islam were defensive. Muhammad (sws) never carried out unprovoked attacks. Please comment.

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No Jihad Without The State: View Of The Jurists

According to Ghamidi’s view, only a state has the right to wage war and no group or organization is allowed to do so. What is the opinion of other scholars in this matter?

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دفاع میں جہاد

کیا یہ درست ہے کہ مولانا وحید الدین خاں صاحب جہاد کے خلاف ہیں؟ آپ کا اس بارے میں کیا نقطہء نظر ہے؟