Signifcance Of Heart

I am confused regarding the heart. I am giving a detailed account of my reservations. Please cearify my questions to me.

Verse 10 of Surah al-Baqarah reads: "In their hearts is a disease; and Allah has increased their disease." (Q 2:10)
By the word 'qulb' we mean heart. This word have been used in the Quran several times. You know that the ancient philosophers and the books considered it a centre of senses. But this is not correct according to the present psychological studies.
“The ancient philosophy and general understanding consider the heart a centre of senses and feelings. On the contrary, scientific researches indicate that the brain is the centre of motivation, incitation and the sensations.” (Psychology for VCE, Valerie Clarke & Susan Gillet, 3/48)
Even love is considered to be a function of flow of blood from a part of a brain.
Now please tell how can we difine the word 'qalb' appearing in the Holy Quran. If we believe in the stance of Sufis that human heart is part of man's soul that performs many functions than it is again rejected by the modern psychologists.
"During the seventeenth century a French Philosopher Decartes presented the theory of two dimensions claiming that soul and body of two different things. The idea of independant existence of body and soul strikes to only the philosophers who cannnot understand the complications of human body. We gained some aquaintance with the functions of brain in the ninteenth century. Broca discovered the part of brain handling the speech communication functions in 1860. The scientific discoveries of 19th and the 20th century deny the theory of two dimensions and promote unity. They hold that no soul can exist without its body." (Psychology fro VCE, Valerie Clarke & Susan Gillet, 3/48)
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Qur’an And Science

What is the confluence of Qur’an and science? For example again and again the Qur’an claims the heart to be the seat of decisions, whilst science has held the brain is responsible. Likewise, the Qur’an and Hadith refer to the seven heavens, whilst scientific proof contradicts it? Please elaborate.

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Brain Death

Can brain death be used as a criterion for death?

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