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Buy A Care With Installment Payments

I want to ask can I buy a car in instalments from a bank. Would it be licit (halal) or illicit (haram)? Furthermore, what is exact principal stand of Islam about interest? I read your article about interest, and as far as my understanding of your article is concerned, it declares interest halal as long as both the parties are agreed and it brings no financial burden on receiver. Correct me if I am wrong. My second point is not exactly a question. I will be heading to Australia in January next year. I want to preach Islam. Kindly suggest me few books which clarifies prevalent misconceptions about Islam especially related to woman, interest, jihad and social dealings. And also suggest an authentic exegesis (tafseer) of the Qur’an which I will refer to and recommend to my colleagues in Australia if they are interested in understanding the Qur’an.

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