Limits Of Infaaq

My father wants to donate 1/3 of his total property except home as Infaaq (Spending in the way of the Almighty). The idea in his mind is to support a set up or institute like AL-MAWRAD working for the right understanding of ISLAM. My father's query is 'can he does so?'

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Paying Zakah In Advance

Is it possible to give Zakat in advance? For example, if someone's Zakat is Rs. 20,000 for this year, and they need to pay extra (for example, in order to help someone), and next year, just pay the balance, is that permissible? Or is the extra counted as non- Zakat charity and the next year, they have to start afresh.

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Lottery And Charity

Can we play the lottery and then give the winnings to charity?

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Disclosing Nature Of Charity

Is it necessary to tell a person that I am giving you this money as a charity from my sadaqa fund?

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Umrah Vs Charity

If faced with a decision to perform Umrah or provide financial help to the poor and destitute (there are many in Pakistan) what is the right thing to do? Go for Umrah and make the hotel owners and airlines rich or help the poor?

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Cutting Nails And Hair

Please respond to the following questions.

1] Does Islam allow you to grow your nails?
2] Does Islam allow you to cut your hair?
3] Are you allowed to play the lottery and then give your winnings to charity?
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Lending, Riba And Infaq

Does Allah announce a reward in the Qur'an (or through Sunnah) for the people who lend their money to a businessperson who already has an established business and wants to expand further? I mean if I lend money to the poor without any riba or profit over it then understandably there are some heavenly gains for me. But interest-free lending to someone who wants to expand his wealth, which of course is not wrong as per Islamic law, so for this sort of situation what heavenly reward is there for me? Does Qur'an make it a subject anywhere? Or did the Prophet (sws) elaborate it any further?

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The Obligation To Do Charity

We are in the process of building a Mosque in our town. I have a few questions regarding this. We already have a Mosque but this new mosque is being built because the old mosque is mainly run by Arabs and apparently is not big enough. Now for fundraising the Imam chooses several Ramadan nights and especially 27 Ramadan. A lot of people come to pray tarawih prayer but he holds tarawihs until after his speech which is a few hours and we loose significant portion of one of the most important nights of the year. Is it permissible?

He quotes hadith but changes interpretation to fit his purpose i.e. donation to the Mosque. He quoted the Prophet (sws) talk about a man or a woman who was a prostitute. He/she gave water to a thirsty dog and got all his or her sins forgiven. The Imam said if one donated to put water lines in the Mosque, will have his sins forgiven. He quoted another hadith which relates another event connected to a war. Hazrat Abu Bakr (rta) brought all things from his home and the Prophet (sws) told him to keep some for family but he said that Allah and His Prophet (sws) are enough for him. The Imam interpreted this to tell people that even if they cannot afford, they should donate and God will take care of that person's financial matters. What is our obligation in this as we know that he is misinterpreting Ahadith and is giving wrong impression to the ones who don't know, especially youth?
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Spending Zakah On Relatives

My brother expired a few years back. He was a bank officer. He divorced his wife before he died. He left behind a son and two daughters. They do not get any support from the government in the form of pension etc. They do not have any other source of income. I am a salaried person. And his children live with me. My family and I are trying our best to accommodate them as we love them. My younger sister devoted herself to their extreme care. She did not marry even when she is now thirty-two.

As there is no source of income for them and now I too live from hand to mouth, can I spend zakah and charity on them? However, I give away a part of the zakah to others as well. If I can spend the zakah on them do I need to tell them that I am supporting them with the zakah money? I am asking this because that is not possible for me. I cannot tell them.
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Paying Fidyah For The Obligations Of A Deceased Parent

I want to ask whether the children of a deceased person can fast on his behalf or pay fidyah for the fast he failed to observe. The deceased did not fast during Ramadan except for a few years in his lifetime. And when he realized he should he was no more able to accomplish that due to severe illness. Now his children want to keep fasts on his behalf or pay the fidyah. Is that possible for them? Will the deceased get the reward and be exonerated from his failure to fulfil this important religious duty?

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Some Questions About Zakah

1. My wife owns 8 tola gold. Out of these 8 tolas, she uses 2-3 tolas as jewellery on a daily basis. She has saved the remaining 5-6 tolas in her cupboard and hardly ever uses them. But this whole 8 tola gold is in our possession. This amount of gold has been with us for the last one year and a few months. I just wanted to ask you that should we pay zakat on this gold asset that we have. If yes, how much?

2. I am not working anywhere at the moment and am jobless. I was in the UK earlier and I have some savings with me and also gold that I mentioned above. Me and my wife are using these savings to meet our ends. In this case, what amount of zakat is payable?

3. If I go back to the UK next month and start working again, what amount of zakat will be payable by us in that case?

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Zakah Al-Fitr

I wanted to know whether paying 'fitrana' (zakah al-fitr) compulsory?

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Questions About Zakah

I have some questions regarding payment of Zakah. Please clarify them for me.

1. Last year I saved $ 40,000 and paid my Zakah according to the law of the land. I have not used this amount still and have saved another $10,000. Do I need to pay Zakah on the accumulated amount (i.e. $50,000) or only on the new saving (i.e. $10,000)?

2. I have a provident fund scheme in which my employer contributes 15% and I contribute 5% from my monthly salary towards this fund. The purpose of this scheme is to accumulate money that will be given to me upon retirement or upon termination of my contract with the company. I have limited access to this fund i.e. it is under the control of employer but I am given a chance of borrowing 75% of this fund if I intend to construct a house. Do I really need to pay Zakah on the amount of this fund from my pocket? If so, do I need to pay the Zakah annually?

3. According to my country’s rules, I can only buy a piece of land if I can pledge some money in the bank that will be released when I have finished laying the foundation of the house. Thus, I have blocked some money in the bank and for many reasons the house could not be built and the bank still has the money. Do I really need to pay Zakah from my pocket on the money pledged with the bank? If so, do I need to pay on the same fund annually?
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زکوٰۃ، فطرانہ اور صدقہ میں فرق

زکوٰة ، فطر، انفاق . خیرات، اور صدقے میں کیا فرق ہے؟ اور اکثر جب کسی پر کوئی مصيبت آتی ہے تو لوگ کہتے ہیں کے صدقہ کرو، اس کی اسلام میں کیا نوعیت ہے؟ برائے مہربانی وضاحت فرمائیں۔


Can I consider my regular charity as Zakah?

Assalaamu alaikum sir, 

My question is that I do some charity every month, can I include this amount as a Zakat at the end of the year? For example, if I do charity of 50,000 in a year and my Zakat is also 50,000, so does that mean I have already paid my Zakat?

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