Identity Of An Adopted Child

I adopted a child of my wife's brother. I came to Saudi Arabia as an employee with my wife and my adopted child. For this purpose I marked the passport of my adopted child on my name. I admitted my adopted child in a school where all documentation completed with my name. In Pakistan I admitted my adopted child in a school with his real father name. I have completed child adoption process legally by family court in Pakistan. I have complete legal documentation but for going to Saudi Arabia they didn't accept. All my relatives know this my son is a adopted. My question is can I live with my adopted child in Saudi Arabia with my name or send him to back to Pakistan with my wife. So please give me complete guidance in the light of the Qura'n and Sunnah.

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Fostering Islamic Culture In Children

Guidance required on how to rear my child in pursuance of ways that inspire a child closer to Islamic Culture:

1. I have a six year old daughter. She is very fond of listening stories before she goes to sleep. In this regard my wife got some story books from the market. When I read some of those books I found that in the stories children are implicitly drawn into concepts such as dating which I deem very lethal for innocent children conscience. Can you please advise me some literature (publishing house/names of the books) specifically written for children in context of their upbringing in accordance with Islamic Tradition?

2- My second question is regarding general upbringing of children inline with Islamic tradition. What should I do in particular as a parent that would help me bring my child closer to Islam in a way that sounds appealing rather boring or compulsion to her?

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