Obligation To Offer The Prayer In Arabic

In our city a Christian sister converted to Islam. Now salat five times is Fard on her but she cannot read it in Arabic. Even if she try to Pray in Arabic she doesn't understand. Can she read salat in English. If she is allowed then why not I should pray in urdu although I am born Muslim but still I cannot focus on the meanings while reading it in Arabic Language. Please give solid reason as I already do not agree with preservation of Islam in Arabic as what is the use of preservation when you cannot benefit from it. We should not worry about hifazat of Quran as ALLAH has already taken the responsibility. I am interested in solid reasoning from Quran and Ḥadīth.

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Is Jesus (sws) God?

One of my friends claims that Jesus never says the exact words “I am God” in the Bible but He does proclaim that He is God. (John 10:30, John 8:58, John 1:1, John 1:14)

Acts 20:28 states: “Be shepherds of the church of God, which he bought with his own blood.” In other words, God purchased His church with His own blood. Therefore, Jesus is God. Thomas the disciple declared “My Lord and my God.” (John 20:28) to Jesus and Jesus does not correct him. Titus (2:13) tells us to wait for the coming of our God and Saviour, Jesus Christ (also in Peter 1:1). The Father (in Hebrews (1:8)) refers to Jesus as “O God” indicating that Jesus is God.

In the Bible people worshipped Jesus and Jesus never told them it was wrong.

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Bussiness Partnership With A Non-Muslim

I have a small question regarding business of my brother. He has started a restaurant in America under partnership with a Christian. Christian partner has the major share in it. My brother is concerned about earning as the meat being used is not halal though they are not serving any pork item in restaurant. The partner holds the argument that as we are dealing with majority of non-Muslim customer there so there is no point in buying halal meat. Second argument is cost factor as halal meat is expensive. Now this makes my brother doubtful about earning coming out of this restaurant in his pocket.

Could you please throw light on this issue and appropriate step to be taken. May Allah Almighty guide us to the right path!
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Killing Non-Muslims

I am a Christian living here in America with my family. Does this mean that the Muslims have to kill me? I am very frightened and confused. Can you please explain?

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The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ

Is Jesus alive or dead? If he is dead, then who are we waiting for? If he is alive, then when will he return from the heaven?

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Divinity Of Jesus

My question is about the Prophet Jesus. Doesn't the fact that he was born without a father and indeed from Allah's Holy Spirit make him special? May Allah forgive me but when Christians argue that he is the son of God, they rely on this fact! We also know that Allah Almighty sent Gabriel to Mary and she had Jesus. Should we Muslims regard this as just being one of Jesus's miracles? Or does it really make him more special than other Prophets who were born normally and were then made Prophets at some point in their lives?

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