Language Of Friday Sermon

Has the second portion of Friday Congregation Sermon to be in Arabic or can it be said in English or any other language? I ask this because in Atlanta USA some new Mufti's say your Friday Prayer is not complete if the second portion of the sermon is said in a language other than Arabic.

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Role Of Clerics In Conduct Of Nikah

I wanted to ask what is the role of clerics in nikah because no verse of the Quran is necessary to be recited in the ceremony. Yet we see even the People of the Book like Christians and Jews make rabbis and fathers present in a marriage. It is just a tradition or is it religious obligation? I heard in one of Javed Ghamidi Sahib’s lectures that nikah is acceptance of both parties. So why do we call clerics, fathers and rabbis to conduct the nikah?

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The Poor And The Duty To Offer Hajj?

Hajj has been prescribed for every Muslim who is financially well-off and physically fit to undertake the journey, meet the financial costs and be able to perform the rituals. It is a common observation that majority of the people going for Hajj come from the lower income groups and they bear lot many hardships in raising money for the Hajj. But out of sheer reverence they sacrifice their primal needs at the altar of religious devotion. Do you think that such people who have to struggle to earn their livelihood, better not be allowed to perform Hajj? Is it permissible for an Islamic government to draft a Hajj Policy (as drafted by the Pakistani government regularly) that would only allow people with fiscal soundness to perform hajj? e.g only those would be allowed who earn, lets suppose, 100,000Rs annually or more. Will such a restriction be in accordance with Islam?

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Umrah By A Nursing Mother

Two years ago I intended to go for umrah. Now I am married and a mother of one-year old baby by the grace of ALLAH and can afford easily all expenditures of umrah. The problem however is that my baby is just one-year old and is on my breast feed. It would be difficult for me to leave her behind for 15 days. It would also not so easy for me to take her with me because I want to pay full attention to worship rituals during my stay in Saudi Arab. I am in a great confusion on this matter. Kindly give me a right guideline in this matter in the light of Islamic Sharī'ah.

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Hajj Or Jihad?

There is a ḥadīth in the Sahih of Bukhari which says that hajj has greater status than jihad. Does this ḥadīth not contradict all other hadiths on jihad? The Prophet (sws) put jihad third in good deeds after the salah (prayer) and serving parents.

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Place Of Children In Congregational Prayer

What is the Shari’ah guidance regarding children in the mosques during prayers? We have been to Umrah twice in the last 18 months and no one asked our children to move to the back row during prayers in Makkah and Medinah. In Makkah we even were in the very first row or two and no one asked to move them. However back at our local mosque in USA and, in fact, in Karachi as well when I used to live there, Imam would ask the kids to move to the back line. He even stated that the Prayer will be invalidated if kids are in the front row with adults. Now this only happens whenever the Imam is of Indian or Pakistani origin. Arab imams will never ask the kids to move. My kids feel insulted when they are asked to move to the back. If you can guide me to a Quranic verse or a Haidth where this is mentioned as a requirement then I can explain to my children.

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The Obligation To Perform Hajj

I apply for hajj and my application is not approved for certain reasons. My name does not come out in the ballot. People tend to say that “you have not got a call from God.” My question is this: Is this true? If it is then how would you substantiate it through the Quran and Hadith?

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Duties Of A Husband Towards His Wife Concerning Hajj

I have a small religious question for you. Is it obligatory for the husband to take wife to perform hajj or is it mandatory for him to pay for hajj expenditure of wife in the following two situations i.e.

a) when wife has not enough resources to perform hajj
b) when wife has sufficient resources to perform hajj
I think it is not mandatory for the husband to pay for expenditure of hajj of wife if she can afford it. The problem arose when I said this in a gathering of friends where wives were also present and since then I am under hot water.

Now what do the authorities on religion say about this issue?

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Obligation To Perform Hajj

Suppose I apply for Hajj and my application is not approved for certain reasons or my name does not come out in the ballot. People tend to say: Allah has not called you yet. What I am asking is that is this true? And if it is then how would you substantiate it through the Quran or Ḥadīth?

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Offering The Missed Prayer In Congregation

For some reason I missed my Zuhr prayer. When I got my first opportunity and reached the place reserved for prayers in the office premises, people were offering the ‘Asr prayer in congregation. I offered my Zuhr prayer with the congregation and later offered my ‘Asr prayer separately based on the information that no individual prayer can be offered during congregation and that during the battle of Khandaq when the Prophet (sws) missed prayers, he offered them at the first opportunity in the same order in which they fell due when missed. Mu‘adh Ibn Jabal (rta) used to lead ‘Isha prayer in congregation when he himself was offering supererogatory prayers. This shows that the Imam’s intention and that of his followers’ may be different. Was my action justified?

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The Friday Prayer

What is the nature of the sermon delivered in the Friday Prayer? Who is authorized to deliver it? What should the speaker say in the sermon? Is it obligatory to say it in Arabic?

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Second Congregation In Mosques

I have seen in many mosques that people come late for prayer and having missed the congregation they hold another. Is this practice endorsed by the basic religious sources?

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Friday Congregations In A Local Mosque

We have an office where around 1000 people work. We have a system of offering the Zuhr and Asr prayers by laying down prayer mats (saff) in the hall and lobby, these saffs are later folded and normal people traffic goes on in this hall and lobby. We also hold Jumma gongregation on Friday in the same manner. It has been suggested that Jumma prayers cannot be offered unless there is a regular mosque and five daily prayers are offered regularly in the said mosque. Kindly provide the correct legal and Shariah position on this matter.

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Reciting Surah Fatihah While Praying In Congregation

1. When praying behind the Imām, especially during Fajr, Magharib and Isha do we have to recite Surah al-Fatiha in the first two rakahs? If yes, then do we have to recite quietly along with the Imam or we wait for the Imam to finish reciting Surah al-Fatihah and then recite the surah when he is reciting another surah?

2. When we wake up late for the Fajr prayer, we have to wait for the sun to rise before we can pray. The question is, before we pray, what will be the intention i.e. will it be qada (making up for a missed prayer) or we pray just as a normal Fajr prayer and recite loudly.
3. As far as I know, the prophet (sws) received the revelation for twenty three years. What then is the meaning and implication of the following verse of Surah al-Baqarah?
The month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Qur’an. (Q 2:185)
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