Aesthetic Surgeries

I would like to know if Islam allows us to change our physical features in case we don’t like them and want to look nicer to ourselves and others. I want to get a nose job done but am afraid that Allah might do not like it for He is the one who created and fashioned us.

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Nose Piercing

Is nose piercing haram? I have always admired seeing sisters with their nose pierced and I am not sure if it is the right thing to do. I have read on it and some scholars say it is makruh and others say it is haram. I just need your opinion on the question.

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Plastic Surgery

My question to you is regarding the various surgical (or sometimes medical) procedures carried out by the plastic surgeons for healthy patients who wish to have them done, mainly for the purpose of enhancing their appearance. Is it allowed? From the Doctor's point of view, is he allowed to carry out working in the plastic surgery profession?

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نیل پالش کے ساتھ نماز

کیا عورت نیل پالش لگا کر نماز پڑھ سکتی ہے؟