Creation Of Adam And Eve

I have the following questions regarding the creation of Adam and Eve that is mentioned in Surah al-Baqarah. What does the word ‘names’ occurring in the 2:30 refer to? God asked both the angels and Adam to name those things whereas He hadn’t taught the angels. How could the angels know the ‘names’ since they were kept in darkness? Testing angels implies that, like human beings, they too have freedom of argument, choice, and action. Then what’s the difference between angels and human beings apart from the fact that they are made from different material? Why was Adam first sent to Paradise when he could have been sent directly to earth?

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جانوروں کی تخلیق کا مقصد

خشکی اور پانی کے کچھ جانور حلال نہیں ہیں، ان کی تخلیق کا کیا مقصد ہے؟