Good Deeds By A Disbeliever

I need the translation or commentary on (21:94): “Who so ever did righteous deeds and he is mo’min his struggles will not be wasted at all and we are writing everything.”

I try to write the translation and seek forgiveness from God if my interpretation is wrong. Can you please check the meaning and let me know according to my understanding a person who does righteous deeds has to be mo’min, believer. Am I right?
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Doing Good For Reward

I wanted to know why couldn’t we build our moralities based on moral values and not in the greed of gaining paradise or fear of Hell?

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Offering The Salah Seeking Worldly Gains

Let us suppose someone is worshipping Allah but his intention when praying is not that may Allah save him from the hellfire and enter him into the paradise. His intention is that if I worship Allah he will be with me and help me in all the problems of my life. Then will he get the reward of his deeds on the Day of Judgment. Or what if someone prays to Allah to get closer to him?

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