Difference Of Opinion

You hold that positive difference of opinion in religious views is always welcomed. But out of many of the scholars somebody has to be closer to the factual teaching. We have to decide and follow that. Cannot we name one such person whose views are closest to the Qur’an? We know that the points of difference in worship rituals are great. We may consider one viewpoint correct and the rivals as incorrect. The first pronounced difference of opinion and judgment of Muslim history surfaced between Hazrat Aisha and Hazrat Ali. Though the intentions of both were right yet an historian may not agree that both were right?

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Differing With The Majority Scholars

Mr Ghamidi has different opinions on various matters like music and beard. I follow his views because of his sound arguments. However, a question comes in my mind that I am rejecting majority opinion for one person's opinions Is it logical? Please clarify.

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Difference Between The Qur’ān And The Hadīth

What is the status of a ḥadīth contradicting the Holy Qur’ān?

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Differences In The Salah

I understand you say that the salah and other religious practices which form the basic content of religion have been taught by the Prophet (sws) to the entire generation of the Companions and the Conpanions transferred it to next generation (i.e tabioon). Then why there existed differences in the mode of salah among the successors or the succesors to the successors.

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جسم اور روح میں فرق

میرا سوال یہ ہے کہ روح اور جسم میں کیا فرق ہے؟ اور اگر ہمیں روح پر محدود ایمان ہے تو پھر روحانی پاکیزگی کیا ہے؟