The Only True Religion

I was explaining Islam to a non-Muslim friend. He came up with a couple of questions that actually confused me as well. I have been told since I was a kid that Islam is one true religion and everything else is a lie. How can I be sure that it is not a man-made religion and it really is the truth? I have gone through the embryology example. Anything else that could prove the divine presence in holy Qur’ān?

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Material Carrying Allah’s Name

I found Allah‘s name written in Arabic on a raw eggshell. The eggshell cannot be kept and has to be disposed of. How do you suggest I should deal with the problem? Would it be a sin to dispose it off?

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Why Holy Qur’an Was Not Written On Paper?

It is believed that the previous divine books i.e. Psalms and Bible were recorded in book form. If paper had been invented before the revelation of the Holy Qur'an then why was it written on leaves of date-palms and stones rather than paper?

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Contradictions In The Holy Qur’an

The Holy Qur'an claims that were it not the word of God it would have been full of contradictions. Why do then we sometimes find contradictions the Book?

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Revelation To The Non-Prophetic Figures

Are there any individuals other than the Prophets who received the Divine guidence?

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Arrangement Of The Holy Qur’an

I want to ask Mr. Javed Ahmad Ghamidi some questions regarding the compilation of the Holy Qur'an.

Does any verse of the Holy Qur'an state that arrangement of the Holy Qur'an is same as given it by the Holy Prophet (sws)?
Please also comment on the narratives that demonstrate two separate compilations of the Holy Qur'an; the one by the committee appointed by Abu Bakr (rta) presently in use and the other accumulation executed by 'Alī (rta). I find the chronological arrangement very useful. It can help explain the reasons behind the revelation of a teaching at a specific time and what gradual aspects it had.
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I beg to state that there are a few questions that keep me often on edge. Therefore I seek your kind advice to enlighten me about what is what. I shall be greatly beholden to you for your enlightened views to dissipate my long-standing confusion mentioned as under:
1. What is the reality of Alhaam or Ilhaam . It is generally believed that Alhaam is a direct link of Aulyaa Allah with God Almighty who receive direct intuition from God without involving any intermediary like Hazrat Jibrail as in the case of Prophets who used to wait for Wahee from Allah. The question is when the prophets are far above in the rank and status granted by Allah than the Pious men i.e. Auliyaa how come the Auliyaas are more competent or special entities to receive direct messages from Allah while the prophets selected by Allah Himself are left to wait for Jibrail to receive divine transmissions. This explanation does not appeal to my mind. Kindly inform me about the nitty-gritty of the actual affairs.

2. Who was Hazrat Luqmaan, a prophet, an wali, a selected wise man (equal to prophet) or what? And if he was not a prophet through what source he was advised by Allah to make shukr (gratitude) for according him the divine wisdom (Hikmat) as per Sura Luqmaan (31:13). Was he a wali and he did he receive instructions from Allah through Ilhaam or Alhaam.

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Mode Of Revelation Of The Scriptures

We know that the Qu'ran was revealed to the Holy Prophet through Angel Gabriel. How the other books i.e.Psalms,Torah and Gospels were revealed to the respective prophets?

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