Respect For The Qur’an

A couple of days ago I observed a person reciting the Holy Quran on a sofa. Beside him another person was saying prayer. He too, after the salat, took a copy of Holy Quran and sat down on the prayer rug to recite. The person on the sofa argued that either he himself should come down or the other person should sit on another sofa. He believed a man should not be above the Holy Text. Was his argument valid?

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Mode Of Revelation Of The Scriptures

We know that the Qu'ran was revealed to the Holy Prophet through Angel Gabriel. How the other books i.e.Psalms,Torah and Gospels were revealed to the respective prophets?

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Origins Of The Prophetic Teachings

I have been told by a critic of Islam that the Prophet Muhammad (sws) did not receive any revelation from the Almighty rather he would make things up. The following tradition is quoted to prove that the Prophet (sws) would copy things from others and present it as divined decrees.

‘Aishah (rta) narrates that Judama bint Wahb al-Asadiyyah informed her that she heard the Messenger of Allah (sws) say, ‘I intended to prohibit ghila but I remembered that the Greeks and Persians do that without it causing any injury to their children.’ Malik explained: ‘Ghila is that a man has intercourse with his wife while she is suckling [her offspring]’. (Mu’atta, No: 16)
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