Transfer Of Reward To The Deceased And The Status Of The Hadith

I have a question regarding the punishment in the grave. According to Mr Ghamidi, the punishment in the grave is only for the people who were the direct addressees of prophet, or the people with a definite result in the hereafter. But as I was reading one of the articles uploaded recently regarding "eesal-e-Sawab", there was a Hadith when prophet (sws) asked a companion to put a branch of a tree on a grave in which some body was being punished for a very small sin of not caring about his urine. Now the writer, a fellow of Al-Mawrid, has accepted that hadith, if that is so, doesn’t it contradict the above argument? Secondly, I am a bit confused about Ghamidi’s explanation of Hadith, at one point he is off the view that it does not add anything in religion, but in the same paragraph in his book he says that if one is satisfied about the authenticity of a hadith, it is compulsory for him to follow it. Now if somebody agrees with the authenticity of the hadith and follows it then wouldn’t it add some thing in religion?

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