National And Religious Laws

I have been living in Canada for the last 38 years. In north America the way of life is very different from an Islamic environment. The state laws are governing there. I understand (I study a lot of Quran tafseer and hanafi fiqh) what the Islamic laws are and how they are to be applied in an Islamic society. But how they could be applied to our lives in north America, for instance:

1. in Canada husband and wife are joint owners of all assets, means all wealth regardless of the fact the wife works or not. I worked all my life and made 3 to 4 times more than my husband. In a way, my husband never supported me. In the view of the Islamic Shariah how the laws of inheritance should work? In the light of the state law which dictates that after one's spouse is dead, the surviving spouse gets 100% .
2. We have a son and a daughter. In case of our (both) death, how the wealth should be distributed? State law dictates 50 -50% to each. One of your reading says that in our lives we can give whatever we want, which is Hubba. Please explain in details.
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Enforced Conversion And Islam

People frequently accuse Muslims of coercing people to Islam by asking them to choose from a) a tax (jizya) b) accepting Islam or c) war. What is the reality of this statement?

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