Marrying One’s Ex-wife

Mr Ghamidi believes that husband can remarry his ex-wife after the epxiry of iddah. I cannot understand how after the expiry of iddah following a sinlge or tripple talaq the husband can marry the divorced wife? Isn’t the allowance to take back the wife restricted during the iddah?

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Marrying Ex-Wife Of Adopted Son

We know that the Prophet (pbuh) married the ex-wife of his adopted son. What I fail to understand is whether it would look ethical to marry my adopted son's wife? There must be hundreds of ladies at that time then why did the Prophet [pbuh] choose her?

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Iddah And Provision

1. Is iddah compulsory while the wife and husband are leaving in different countries from last five months?

2. Is the obligation to provide for the ex-wife is still applicable when wife demands divorce from her husband and if she is earning?

3. Should the husband demand whatever given to wife except mehr in the above case?

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