Paper Marriage

I am already married in Pakistan. To live in the UK I need to do paper marriege (which is all wrong but I have no choice). For this I need to make a fake document from Pakistan as no objection letter or divorce certificate which my wife does not know about at all. So I need that paper to show here in the UK that I am single and ready to marry. Will that be considered real divorce or it would not affect my present marriage? If it does affect my marriage then how can I make my wife understand and make the relationship licit again?

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Fake Certificates For Traveling Alone For Hajj

There is a general tendency nowadays to form groups by some agents for ‘Umrah. The problem with this method of ‘Umrah is that some of the ladies also want to perform ‘Umrah but they do not have a Mahram to accompany them. In the process, what the agents do is to declare some males in the group as Mahram of these ladies so that the official requirement is fulfilled. I wanted to know whether this kind of subterfuge is allowable in Islam. A good aspect of forming these groups could be that these groups consist of subgroups of ladies who then perform the ‘Umrah rituals quite satisfactorily and independently, which serve the real purpose of the company of a Mahram.

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غیر قانونی ملازمت اور رزق حلال

جو لوگ جعلی کاغذات بنوا کر دوسرے ملکوں میں جاتے اور وہاں ملازمتیں کرتے ہیں، کیا ان کی آمدنی حلال ہوتی ہے؟