The Only True Religion

I was explaining Islam to a non-Muslim friend. He came up with a couple of questions that actually confused me as well. I have been told since I was a kid that Islam is one true religion and everything else is a lie. How can I be sure that its not a man-made religion nauzubillah and it really is the truth? I have gone through the embryology example. Anything else that could prove the divine presence in holy Quran. In durood-e-ibrahimi there is an expression aal-e Ibrahim. Does it signify the family of Hazrat Muhammed (sws) or all the ummah? Can you please refer a quote from Quran itself to prove that its all ummah. If not, why is the family of the Holy Prophet (sws) getting special treatment when Allah has already said that the only differentiator in front of Him is 'taqwa'?

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