Drinking Water During Fast

If one gets dehydrated due to fasting and has been advised to drink throughout the day due to his medical condition, what if this person keeps drinking during his Ramadan fast but avoid eating totally during the hours of fast and eats at normal Iftar time?

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Injection And Blood Extraction During Fast

Does injection or blood extraction invalidate the fast?

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Concession In Fasting For The Sick

I am 24 years old boy who is under-weight for my age. I did my BMI and it showed that I am underweight for my age. The fast here is about 19 hours and when I am fasting I feel lazy all day and not able to do any kind of work. I am just lying down in bed all day and only getting up for the fard prayers. I was just wondering that if I don’t keep the fast in this month and keep them all in December when the days are shorter, will that be acceptable in Islam?

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Concession In Fasting

I have a very specific question about fasting. I am a travelling salesperson. My daily average mileage is about 150 miles. During Ramadan, I have no problem keeping my fast and doing my normal routine - currently our fasts are about 19 hours, but I am still able to cope. However on a regular basis, I have to travel further and my daily drive can become closer to 300 miles or more, sometimes I am aware of the fact that I have a long journey, sometimes as the day progresses, I find myself further and further away and then have a long drive back home. Generally when I know I have a long drive, I do not keep a fast on that day, but what happens if my day starts with a fast, and then I find I am many hundred miles away, tired, even exhausted. Is it permissible for me to break my fast and what then do I have to do?

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Fasting While Away From Home

I am travelling to UK for twenty days. A few early fasts (12 to 14 fasts)of Ramadan will come during my stay there. Within UK I will also be roaming and travelling between cities. I think it will be difficult for me to keep my fast during my stay in UK as I will be in the outdoors most of the time so can I make up for these days after Eid?

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Fasts And Non-Believing Citizens

I am an overseas Pakistani. In the month of Ramadan particularly in Pakistan and in the Middle Eastern countries it is not allowed to anyone (Muslim or Non-Muslim) to eat or drink anything during fasting time. If policemen found anyone not respecting the fasting time he pushed him behind bars. Why it is like this? Fasting is something between God and His men. Fasting is one of the pillars of Islam like Namaz. They are so many people who do not pray during the Namaz time. I ask from one of Aalim about this he replied me that since it is a Muslim country so all non Muslims have to respect the Muslim laws. If it is the case then France and other non Muslim countries have every right to prohibit the Muslim women not to observe veil because it is their country. Please explain me in the light of Quran and Hadith.

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Atoning For Knowingly Breaking The Fast Of Ramadan

How can one atone for breaking the fast in Ramadan by masturbating? Should he fast two months in expiation?

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Fasting After Eid Prayer Till Offering The Sacrifice

It is said that one should remain fasting after Eid al-Azha congregation and should do iftaar with the meat of the offered animal. Please comment.

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Fasting On Fridays

A number of Hadiths in Sahih of Bukhari state that the prophet (sws) forbade fasting on Friday if one did not keep fast a day before it or did not intend to fast on the next day I just want to understand why was this rule set?

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Paying Fidyah For The Obligations Of A Deceased Parent

I want to ask whether the children of a deceased person can fast on his behalf or pay fidyah for the fast he failed to observe. The deceased did not fast during Ramadan except for a few years in his lifetime. And when he realized he should he was no more able to accomplish that due to severe illness. Now his children want to keep fasts on his behalf or pay the fidyah. Is that possible for them? Will the deceased get the reward and be exonerated from his failure to fulfil this important religious duty?

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Fasting For The Senile

We seek your guidance for the following situation.

My wife, 67 years old, had a coronary by-pass a few years back and now recently has been diagnosed possibility of clot in her legs. Besides she is weak as well.
I have survived colon cancer recently. Our physicians are non-Muslims so we cannot discuss the fasting with them. We intend to skip fasting this year and as compensation send money to Pakistan for giving it to the needy there. Kindly advise what will be the amount for each of us. I am 78 years old.
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Relaxation In Fasting And The Status Of Halalah

I am diabetic about 60 years of age. I cannot practice fasting. Is it possible that somebody else may fast for me?

In one of addresses by Mr. ghamidi he mentioned that there is no need for Halala in case a person wants to marry a person already divorced, i.e. ex wife. Is it true? In this case what is the significance of Halala? Kindly elaborate

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Explanation of “alladheena yutiqoona-hu” in Qur’an 2:184

Assalamu alykum brother, Ramadan Kareem. Brother, could you be kind enough to give me a simple explanation of the part (AND FOR THOSE WHO ARE ABLE TO FAST, a redemption by feeding a poor man) of the verse Quran 2:184. Which group of people Allah mentioned in that part?

AJ Arberry transliteration: 2:184
for days numbered; and if any of you be sick, or if he be on a journey, then a number of other days; and for those who are able to fast, a redemption by feeding a poor man. Yet better it is for him who volunteers good, and that you should fast is better for you, if you but know.


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