Three Prayers

I have some questions for your kind consideration. 1-Quran describes three times of prayer and the sunnah five times. Please put light in the light of shia argument by Holy Qur'an: Chapter 17, Verse 78). 2-If bidah in every religious practice is not in a way as sanctioned by Prophet (sws) so how would you justify the religious practices sanctioned by Hazrat Umar? Like addition in azan-e-fajar, praising the Congregational Prayer of tarawi and second azan in juma prayer? 3-If hijab is only covering chest as mentioned in Quran so it means women can wear short skirts, sleeveless garments and shake hand with men and how would you comment if you do not consider the covering whole body except face, hands and feet as perpetual religious practice of Muslim women (sunnah)? 4-How would you comment on the expansion of Muslim empire in the regime of khulafa rashideen? Was it defensive jihad or offensive please give detailed answer?

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Regarding Five Daily Prayers

When were five daily prayers enjoined upon the believers?

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Number Of Compulsory Units (rak’at) In Each Of The Five Daily Prayers


I recently read an article by Dr.Khalid Zaheer. He wrote about the number of compulsory raka’ats in each of the daily Prayer. The article can be reached at: Now, this was quite different from what I was taught.

1. I would request you kindly to clearly mention how many raka’ats are compulsory in each of the daily Prayers and also the Jumu’ah Prayer.

2.What is Sunnat Muakkadah Prayer? I was taught it is compulsory.

3. Lastly, special reference to 3 Witr Prayer in Isha, is it compulsory? I will eagerly be looking for your reply. May Allah bless you!

Thank you.

Muneeb Khan

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