Regarding Five Daily Prayers

When were five daily prayers enjoined upon the believers?

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Number Of Compulsory Units (rak’at) In Each Of The Five Daily Prayers


I recently read an article by Dr.Khalid Zaheer. He wrote about the number of compulsory raka’ats in each of the daily Prayer. The article can be reached at: Now, this was quite different from what I was taught.

1. I would request you kindly to clearly mention how many raka’ats are compulsory in each of the daily Prayers and also the Jumu’ah Prayer.

2.What is Sunnat Muakkadah Prayer? I was taught it is compulsory.

3. Lastly, special reference to 3 Witr Prayer in Isha, is it compulsory? I will eagerly be looking for your reply. May Allah bless you!

Thank you.

Muneeb Khan

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