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Extent of Noah’s flood and today’s human population

My question is regarding the time of prophet Nooh.
In the talks of Ghamidi sb, he has often said that people have misunderstood the occurrence and the scale of the floods that took place at the time of prophet Nooh after the prophet delivered his message.

A common perception about the flood among Muslims is that it covered the whole world, while the atheists/ modern science tells that there are no proofs or evidence that such a large flood happened in the near history around the globe.

Ghamidi sb says in response that the flood took place in a small area where the prophet was and even only few animals of use were kept in his ship not all creatures.

Ghamidi sb has also said that todays all human beings are from Prophet Nooh ancestry. And that after Prophet Adam, all humans are from the lineage of prophet Nooh.

Now my question is that how is this possible that the flood took place in a limited area on limited people. But all other humans at that time were killed, as we are from Prophet Nooh’s lineage?

Kindly answer my question.

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