Foreplay While Fasting

Hope you are fine and enjoying the blessings of Allah Almighty. Here I want to ask a question about the atonement (Kaffāra) of Fast. My Question is that can a boy and a girl who are unmarried kiss and lie together during fast? What if they touch private parts? What will be the punishment and atonement (Kaffāra) of such acts?

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Oral Sex And Foreplay

I wanted to learn whether all kinds of sexual activities done in the name of foreplay are allowed. Should foreplay not have some restrictions in the name of purity and decency? Is it possible for a wife to refuse some foreplay activities? Would it be sin for her? Would it be considered deviation from her sexual duty towards husband?

Does husband have a right to have sexual relationship, including all kind of foreplays, and wife cannot refuse? If wife gives permission for normal intercourse but not for some kind of foreplays, what is the ruling of shar‘iah here? Does wife have no likes or dislikes about foreplay? Has she to surrender if husband is doing anything except menstrual or anal sex?
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