Dealing With A Husband Who Cheated

I hope this finds you well in spirit and in health. My question is a bit compplex and I apologize if it is hard to follow. I have been married for almost eleven months. I love my husband very much. But he lied to me about a major issue. When we married he assured me that he was divorced. Soon after the marraige he told me that in fact he wasn’t divorced and that she is living with his kids in his country. I am an American woman and I grew up christian. I know that it is halal for a muslim man to have up to 4 wives, however I have always known that I just couldn’t handle that situation for myself. I cannot share my man. I do not know what this means about me; I dont know if it makes me weak. I simply know that it is killing me inside. I LOVE ALLAH and I love my deen. I want to be as pious as possible. I pray about this all the time. BUT it is not getting better, infact it is getting worse. I dont know if I should stay in the marriage. Please help me.

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