Reward For Works Of Future Good

I have studied your writings about transfer of reward to the deceased but could not understand that nobody will carry the burden of another one. Everyone will get the reward of his efforts. What about the events which are mentioned in your answers? If someone plants a tree or digs a well or builds a block of some religious institution, all beneficial to the public, will he be rewarded?

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What Is The Armageddon?

Can you kindly explain the term Armageddon as i heard it in a program End of Time shown on a TV channel.

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Human Intellect And Knowledge Of Good And Evil

I read your answer on 'Economic System' wherein you asserted this principle: "It needs to be appreciated that man has been blessed with the faculty of intellect and reason and has also been blessed with innate guidance regarding good and evil. In the affairs of life, his intellect and innate guidance are generally enough to guide him and show him the way".

Of course you have learnt this principle from Mr Javed Ahmed Ghamidi. In this connection, I would like to ask how can reason and innate guidance determine good and bad; i.e. what is the rational or intuitive criterion to differentiate between good and evil?

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