Wearing Pig Skin Suede Shoes

I suffer from intense foot pain from birth that has a crippling effect when I walk a block or stand for 20 minutes or so. I came across these medically altered shoes that have provided some relief. I found out today that they are made of Pig skin suede. Is it permissible for me to keep wearing these shoes? Your help will be really appreciated. Thank you.

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Social Interaction With Non-Muslims

If a non-Muslim living in full by means of usury business invites me for food in his house, can I go and eat his food? If yes, then may I know the proofs that conclude such results?

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Basis Of Halal And Haram

Has Islam fully differentiated between halal and haram. What is the nature of the concept of halal in Islam. How can I explain this concept to a non-Muslim?

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موجودہ موسيقی ميں درکار اصلاحات

موجودہ موسيقی ميں وہ کيا اصلاحات ہونی چاہييں جن کی بنا پر يہ حرمت کے دائرے سے نکل آئے؟


Is Youtube advertisement revenue permissible?

Assalam o alaikum,

I want to ask Mr. Javed Ghamidi if its allowed to earn money through YouTube ads? Is this earning halal?

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