Stunning Before Slaughtering

I live in Canada, where there are many ways to slaughter an animal here.

1. Some halal distributors use an automated process for slaughtering chicken. The process is as follows. First chicken is stunned but however still alive (this is a Canadian law and there is no way around it) b. Second chicken process through a conveyor belt where a circular knife cuts its neck partially, meaning only cutting the jugular vein. As slaughtering is in process and tape recorder is constantly reciting takbeer. Is this meat halal?

2. Almost all non-halal distributors use the same process as above for slaughtering chicken minus the recitation of takbeer.

3. I have hindu friends from Pakistan and India both. My Pakistani hindu friend always buys halal meat from the local grocery shop. I know this for the fact, am I allowed to eat the food he offers me. Why is this meat not halal on us, I have seen in Pakistan that majority of people slaughtering chicken in Pakistan don’t even say takbeer and sometimes they will be cursing at the street peddlers while cutting the chickens neck. Please kindly tell me the reasoning behind it. Also in today’s world it is not feasible to use a non-automated process to slaughter animal. Also the whole intent of these slaughtering plants is to kill the chicken so they are eaten by human beings.

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Serving Non-halal Food

I got a job as a cook at a pizza restaurant. The problem is that besides non-halal beef, I have to cook with pork as well. Is the earning halal? I personally don't think so and am really worried about what to do?

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Non-Zabeeha Meat

I live in Memphis, USA. I wanted to ask Mr.Ghamdi about the issue of non-zabiha meat (meat that has not been slaughtered according to Islamic tradition). Is it permissible to eat non-zabiha meat? I ask this question in light of two verses of the Qur'an that in my limited knowledge point me in opposite directions. One talks about how the food of Ahl-e-Kitab has been permitted while the other talks about abstaining from food on which Allah's name has not been pronounced. Kindly advise me in this regard.

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Significance Of Slaughtering In The Prescribed Way

I live in the US. My question is about halal meat and halal meals in the country. I have researched the slaughter houses both Islamic and non-Islamic. In both animals were bled from the neck, hung upside down, the only difference was that a recording of holy Qur’an was played in the background in Islamic slaughter houses.

So if healthwise both are same can we use regular halal category of meat by saying Allah’s name on it before cooking? There is also availability of organic high quality meats but we are confused about consuming them? When I read in Qur’an 5:3, 5:5, 2:173, 6:145, and 6:115 it appeared that we can eat after saying Allah’s name on it. This is also supported by the hadith where the Prophet (sws) allowed consumption of eatables from non-Muslims after saying Allah’s name on it. Please comment.

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