I have a query regarding an ingredient called, Carmine/Red lake 4/E 120/Cl 75470 status, as to whether it is halaal or haraam.

This constituent is extracted from a dead insect, cochineal bug. It is present in many items containing red food coloring to makeup brands many which bear the label "no animal ingredients". I found out that even many strawberry flavored products like yoghurts contained it.
Kindly, Clear the status of this ingredient so that I and the Muslims know whether to avoid it or not.

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Food Prepared In The Name Of Other Than God

There are food items other than flesh of animals. Some people cook such food and give it away while they do not invoke Allah’s name on it but invoke some other entity like a Prophet or a saint. Can we eat such food? Or it is ḥarām for us to eat when offered by any?

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Wearing Pig Skin Suede Shoes

I suffer from intense foot pain from birth that has a crippling effect when I walk a block or stand for 20 minutes or so. I came across these medically altered shoes that have provided some relief. I found out today that they are made of Pig skin suede. Is it permissible for me to keep wearing these shoes? Your help will be really appreciated. Thank you.

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I would be grateful if you could enlighten us on the subject of cannibalism and Islam.

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Advising Parents

I have come to know that my parents are involved in harām earnings. I have tried to explain it to them but they didn’t accept my arguments. I am staying away from my parents for my studies. They send me money for my needs. This puts me into dilemma to recognize whether this money is harām or halāl. What they send might partially or fully contain this harām.

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Social Interaction With Non-Muslims

If a non-Muslim living in full by means of usury business invites me for food in his house, can I go and eat his food? If yes, then may I know the proofs that conclude such results?

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Is Alcohol Forbidden?

Is alcohol forbidden? Please elaborate.

There are doubts about the prohibition of alcohol.
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Regarding Marriage

A man asked a religious scholar on TV about marrying a woman with whom he already had a relationship. The scholar forbade the marriage. He considered the woman unworthy of the man as she was already involved with him. Islam, in my view, promotes virtue instead of condemning people?

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Is Music Absolutely Forbidden

In response to my question regarding music, you mentioned that " in itself is not prohibited in the absolute sense. If it is, then the sources of Islam must mention it." According to the people who consider Hadith as an independent source of understanding religion, music has been absolutely prohibited and they will bring forth the Hadith which say that music is forbidden. How you will answer that?
Secondly, you wrote that "Prohibiting something because its use might lead to sin is always a prerogative of the state". I understand your point. But we have examples where God prohibited some thing for Sadd zari'a. Is not there any possibility that prophet (sws) prohibited music as a sadd zari'a?
My second question is regarding the expression Allah has used in Qur'an for offering prayers. The Books says: "akeemu sala. What does iqaamat means here? I have heard that some people have taken the word aqeemoo in a different way and them don't offer prayer. Kindly shed some light, by telling the views of such individuals and telling the meaning of the word "aqeemoo".

Thirdly, I commit a sin (I go near zina, although I do not actually do zina but I go near it). My problem is that I also offer prayers and also read Qur'an with understanding. Some times I think that if I can not leave the bad I should leave the prayers as well. Because I think that may be I am a hypocrite who is just trying to show off (although my intention is never to show off). What should I do with this thought of leaving good? I have tried but haven't been able to leave the sin; I feel I am in the middle of good and bad forces. Secondly, when some one is bad in one aspect of his life, can he advise well to others on any other aspect of life if not the one in which he is bad. People say that first one should apply well on himself then only he should advise others. Kindly put some light on this.

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Women Vocalists

My question to you is regarding women and music. I see Ghamdi Sahab has always been a supporter of music being permissible within the limits of Islam. My question to you is how can a woman pursue music as a career by remaining within the limits of Islam? It would be great if you can also define these limits if what I asked is permissible.

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Basis Of Halal And Haram

Has Islam fully differentiated between halal and haram. What is the nature of the concept of halal in Islam. How can I explain this concept to a non-Muslim?

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موجودہ موسيقی ميں درکار اصلاحات

موجودہ موسيقی ميں وہ کيا اصلاحات ہونی چاہييں جن کی بنا پر يہ حرمت کے دائرے سے نکل آئے؟