Serving Non-halal Food

I got a job as a cook at a pizza restaurant. The problem is that besides non-halal beef, I have to cook with pork as well. Is the earning halal? I personally don't think so and am really worried about what to do?

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Is Taking Interest Punishable?

I was thinking in terms of any Ta’zeer punishment or Hadd for the one who consumes riba, haram meat, meat of dead-haram animals as there were Hadd punishments for various acts in the Qur’an. Since there are very serious warnings for consuming riba (consuming), but without any worldly punishment.

If my understanding is right then please explain why it is hadd punishment for theft and not for riba? If there is some punishment for riba then will the Interest (riba) payer be equally treated with same punishment? Please note my question is regarding worldly punishment.
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