Extraordinay Hard Trials For The Pious

I have observed that pious people face the worst hardships. Why is that? What is the principle of trials and tribulations?

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Is It Hard To Follow The Religion?

We know striving in the path of Allah is a source of reward. For example; it is hard to offer the fajr prayer or wear hijab etc. We must therefore strive to work hard. Facing the hardship and remaining steadfast on deen is a basic part of Muslims life. Narrated Abu Qatada bin Rib'i Al-Ansari: A funeral procession passed by Allah's Apostle who said: Relieved or relieving?

The people asked: O Allah's Apostle! What is relieved and relieving?
He said: A believer is relieved (by death) from the troubles and hardships of the world and leaves for the Mercy of Allah.
The hadith indicates that the life of a believer is full of hardship and as we know there are other ahadith that also indicate this. Then what is the meaning of verse: And He has not laid upon you in religion any hardship? (22:78)

Why does the verse say in the religion there is no hardship? Yet we know from our life that there are a lot of difficulties and hardships that we face due to being Muslims. The hadith also explains that there are hardships. Please comment on the apparent contradiction.

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Human Trial In The Worldy Life And Compulsion

There seems to be an inconsistency between the principle of no compulsion in religion and the punishment meted out to several ummahs in the past. If the former is a basic principle, why is the latter necessary?

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ذوالحج کے پہلے عشرہ کی فضیلت

کیا ذو الحج کے پہلے عشرے کو دین میں کوئی خاص فضیلت حاصل ہے ؟