Is God Just And Merciful?

Please respond to the following questions from a Hindu friend.

Put simply, the basic premises of the Abrahamic beliefs (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) are as follows:
  • God is just, kind, perfect
  • This life is our first and last life
  • God is testing us here
  • Based on the marks we obtain in this test, we will go to either Heaven or Hell.

The differences between various sects of Judaism, Christianity and Islam lie only in

  •  the testing criteria and the description of Heaven and Hell
  •  the level of fanaticism required for passing this Test.
But the basic construct is same – One Life which is Test, God is best examiner, and Result is Pass (Heaven) or Fail (Hell).
Let us evaluate this basic construct critically through a series of examples, and decide whether it is logically plausible.
Many children die in the wombs. Now as per Islam or Christianity would they go to Heaven or Hell? Most scholars of Islam and Christianity say they go to Heaven because they never did anything wrong in their lives.
Now my question is “Did they even have an option to do anything wrong?”
Is God not being partial by clearing one candidate even without starting his examination, and another one has to keep giving test after test continuously for 100 years!
Many children die young before they reach maturity. Even the wrong acts they do are not out of willful desire to do something wrong but out of innocence. Would they reach Heaven or Hell?
If they reach Heaven, then why does God not kill everyone in their childhood and ensure a seat in Heaven for them? Is God not being unjust and imperfect?
If they reach Hell, what was their fault?
Say twins were born. Both lived same innocent life for first 3 years. Then one died. He will go straight to Heaven. The other remained innocent for next few years, then got into bad company, became an Apostate/Kafir and died at age of 60. Now he should go to Hell, as per the Books.
Is this not God’s crime that he made him live for 60 years and not his brother? Had he killed both at same age of 3 years, both would have gone to Heaven!
So if there is one life and permanent Heaven/Hell, it proves God is unjust.
A person is born insane. His mental faculties have not developed beyond say, age of five. But he lives a long life. Will he go to Hell or Heaven?
Again the same questions as above rise. And result in either God being unjust or concept of one life as test to enter Heaven/Hell being wrong.
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