About Shia Conduct

I am suuni Muslim but have lots of syed shia friends. I have noticed the shia scholars curse and taunt sunnis and their beliefs for one hour and in the end of ten minutes of mujlis they weep over hussain’s (rta) shahadat. I want to ask what is the problem with shia scholars why they provoke shia Muslims to hate sunnis as we all know they do this very systematically. It is on there agenda to build a wall between sunnis and shias. We sunnis do listen to shias but shias do not listen to us at all. They fight and get worst. Why no one stop these so called shia scholars? Why they do this? What is the purpose behind it?

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یزید بن معاویہ

یزید بن معاویہ کی شخصیت کے بارے میں آپ کا کیا خیال ہے؟