Freewill And Angels

Do Angels have Free will? If they do then do they sin? Are they in the same test as we and jins are? If they have freewill and they do not sin because they are in presence (hazoori) of God all the time, then Iblis has the same "hazoori", he sinned, as he was jin and had free will.

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Satan’s Challenges To God

The Quran mentions that after Satan was commanded to leave the Heavens due to his disobedience, he said to Allah that just as He had misled Satan, he too shall lead humans astray (Surah 15:32-44).

1. What made Satan say this? Since the whole episode doesn't show Satan being misled anywhere. You could say Satan made this up, but that doesn't sound quite right, since Satan was well aware of what had happened. Allah created Satan and Satan knew this very well. Still Satan decided to go against his creator.

2. Satan knew very well he couldn't win from Allah, still he asked for respite till the Day of Judgment. Why doesn't Satan simply repent? He'll be on the losing side on the Day of Judgment. You might say it is Satan's kibr (pride) that prevents him from repenting. But no matter how proud or powerful he might be, he is still merely a creation and Allah is the creator. So what is the point, why fight a lost cause?

3. The Quran at various stages calls the non-believers and hypocrites as deaf, dumb and blind. [Surah 2:18] It is understandable that the non-believers due to their stubbornness were unable to understand or recognize the message of Allah. But labeling them as deaf, dumb and blind is demeaning to the people who are deaf, dumb or blind. Yes we humans do call normal people as deaf dumb or blind but all those meanings are negative. The deaf/dumb/blind are also creations of Allah and they did not choose to be so while the non-believers chose not to believe.

There might be many deaf/dumb/blind who are Muslims and might wonder why Allah likened the non-believers to them. This might be similar to if someone likens criminals to a certain race. Such a statement might deeply hurt the race.

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Why Is Iblis Free To Corrupt Humans?

I wanted to learn did God know that Iblees would react the way he did when Adam was created? If yes then to what extent is he allowed to spread evil? And why are we humans held responsible for that? When Adam was created he had no concept of good or bad. Where did these come from?

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Why Did Allah Command The Angels To Prostrate Before Adam

I want to understand the widsom behind the divine command to the angels to prostrate themselves before Adam. We hear that Iblees was not one of them. Can you please help me?

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When Did Satan Vow To Misguide Human Beings?

I read a passage in the Holy Qur’an recently which left me in confusion. When Satan disobeyed God, he was cast out of heaven. At that time, he says that he would misguide men on earth till the day of eternity. The way I understand it, Adam had not yet disobeyed God and man was still a part of heaven. How could Satan say that he would misguide men on earth when God has not yet sent Adam to Earth? Please help me in understanding this chronology.

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Angels’ Concern Regarding The Human Beings

When Allāh decided to create Adam, how were angels able to tell that humans will commit “fasād fī al-arḍ”. Moreover Satan asked for respite till Day of Judgment. How was he able to know about that there would be a Day of Judgment?

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