Ka’bah And Islaelite Prophets

If Ibrahim and Ismail (sws) built the Ka'aba as a center of pilgrimage for all mankind, why did the other sons of Ibrahim and their grandsons and other Prophets mentioned in the Bible never made it a point to visit Ka'aba. We don't find any evidence at all in the Bible or the New Testament of anybody going to Mecca for pilgrimage. On the contrary, Jerusalem seems to have been the center for Prophets of old including Jesus. We do find a hint in the Qur'an below, but is there one in the Bible? Hajj has been a practice that has been followed by successive generations of Prophet Abraham (pbuh). It was even known to the father in-law of Prophet Moses (pbuh) before Prophet Moses (pbuh) received his Prophethood from God. In the following verse, we note the use of Hajj as a marker to signify a contractual period. 028.027 "He said: "Indeed I intend to marry you to one of these two daughters of mine on condition that you hire thyself to me for (the term of) eight pilgrimages (Arabic: Thamaniya Hijajin). Then if you complete ten, it will be of your own accord, and I would not wish to make it difficult for you. God willing, you will find me of the righteous". Just wondering what I am missing here?

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Declaration Of Faith

My parents taught me the kalimah shahadah as follows: la ilaha illAllah Muhammad ur rasulullah. Why do I have to add that Prophet Mohammed is the Messenger of Allah while there were so many prophets and all of them taught the same religion? Would it matter if I just said la ilaha illallah?

Why do we mention the name of the Prophet Muhammad (sws) and the Prophet Ibrahim (sws) in the tashahhud (sitting position in the prayer)? Also please tell me who authored the supplication to be made in this position?

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Bowing In Front Of Ka’bah

I have two questions to ask.

1.We as a Muslim have a belief that we cannot bow down before any idol, fire etc. but what is the status of Ka’bah as it is also made of stone just like others idols. It is true that we do not bow down before anything in our prayers until and unless we are in front of ka’bah. But the basic philosophy seems to be the same. We bow down before ka’bah from far away but idea remains the same. What is then the difference between us and the followers of others religions? Does not it only mean that they bow down directly and we indirectly? They also say that we are bowing down before idol as a symbol of our respect to God. We follow the same idea. The only difference is that they bow down before many and we bow in direction of one object, ka’bah.
2. What is status of Hazrat Ibrahim regarding the incident of atish-e-namrood? Was he really thrown into fire and that fire lost its heat? Why God did not save his Prophets through normal course of action? Why God always saved the prophets through special help which is not experienced in normal circumstances? For example, Moses was saved by bisecting the river. What is the status of these supernatural incidents?
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ابراہیم علیہ السلام اللہ کے رسول تھے۔ يا نبی ؟

چند سوالات پیش خدمت ہیں۔ ١۔ منہج انقلاب نبوی میں ہے کہ ابراہیم علیہ السلام اللہ کے رسول تھے۔ قرآن میں کہاں پر ان کو اللہ کا رسول کہا گیا ہے۔ قرآن میں سورہ مریم میں ان کو اللہ کا نبی کہا گیا ہے۔ برائے مہربانی واضح کریں کہ آپؑ صرف نبی تھے یا رسول بھی تھے؟ ٢۔ قرآن مجید میں ہے کہ حقا علینا نصر المومنین، تو پھر کیا نبی مومن نہیں ہوتا کہ وہ قتل ہو جاتا ہے؟میرے خیال میں تو مومنوں سے بھی برتر ہوتا ہے۔ اگر اللہ کے نبی مومن ہونے کے باوجود قتل ہو سکتے ہیں تو کیا رسول کے لیے قتل ہونے کا امکان پیدا نہیں ہو جاتا؟ برائے مہربانی وضاحت فرمائیں۔