Sacred Places Of Non-Muslims

My question is about dealing with non-Muslims temples when Islam is in power. It is said in some ḥadīths that don’t destroy the old temples or prayers places of non-Muslims but when Muslims got victory over Mecca the Prophet himself destroyed the idols of many gods which were inside the Kaba. So what was the situation there and in present time what should we do with this issue?

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The Arab Messengers

Idol were not worshipped by Arabs only in the seventh century, but also in India, Greece, South America, China, Japan etc while the Prophets and Scriptures were sent to the Arabs only. Why?

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Did Abraham [pbuh] Worship The Heavenly Bodies?

Why did Abraham worship the moon, sun, and stars and yet not get labelled as a polytheist when if someone did that today, they would be committing shirk?

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Marrying A Heathen

I belong to a Muslim family in Pakistan (a born Muslim).Sir there is a question in my mind that has emerged as a great concern to me. I have come to know that a Muslim cannot marry a person of any other religion except to those who belong to Judaism or Christianity. Now the reason for which that question has arisen in my mind is that I have a distant friend, and she belongs to USA. We both met online, became very good friends and gradually it grew into love and now all of it has finally reached a point where we think that we should get married and become a part of each others life. Dear sir! She is neither Jew nor Christian (although she claims herself as a born Christian but not raised to be one).So as an independent soul she has always claimed herself as anonymous in any religious regards. In other words she declares herself as an Ethnic or a Heathen (a person who doesn't have a specific religious individuality) I need your answer as a solution to this problem (keeping in mind that she arrogates herself legally ethnic, but still she respects every other religion and belief, and loves to stay achromatic and impersonal in that regard). My questions are:

Is there any solution to this problem with respect to our Religion Islam?
Can we both get married to each other?
Is there any possibility for both of us getting together?
I need to be properly guided and let me tell you something here. I really love her and don't want to lose her at any cost, and I know that Islam is a religion of humanity and harmony to a great extent and it’s not only a religion but a complete way of life. It preaches peace, love and harmony and teaches how to abide by the natural laws and precepts that lead to a happy and a contented life. And I have a feeling that it has solution to all the problems either social or moral. So please I request with the deepest of my concerns that you will send me with a rigorous legal solution that is acceptable to Allah, His holy prophet Muhammad (sws), our Islamic laws and the social and moral values that are linked together.
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Bowing In Front Of Ka’bah

I have two questions to ask.

1.We as a Muslim have a belief that we cannot bow down before any idol, fire etc. but what is the status of Ka’bah as it is also made of stone just like others idols. It is true that we do not bow down before anything in our prayers until and unless we are in front of ka’bah. But the basic philosophy seems to be the same. We bow down before ka’bah from far away but idea remains the same. What is then the difference between us and the followers of others religions? Does not it only mean that they bow down directly and we indirectly? They also say that we are bowing down before idol as a symbol of our respect to God. We follow the same idea. The only difference is that they bow down before many and we bow in direction of one object, ka’bah.
2. What is status of Hazrat Ibrahim regarding the incident of atish-e-namrood? Was he really thrown into fire and that fire lost its heat? Why God did not save his Prophets through normal course of action? Why God always saved the prophets through special help which is not experienced in normal circumstances? For example, Moses was saved by bisecting the river. What is the status of these supernatural incidents?
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بت شكنی

اسلام میں ہے کہ کسی کے دین کو برا نہیں کہنا چاہیے۔ میں امریکہ میں تھا وہاں ایک مسلمان سے بات ہوئی تو وہ کہنے لگا کہ پھر محمود غزنوی نے دہلی پر ١٧ بار حملہ کر کے ان کے مندر کیوں لوٹے۔ پھر اس نے کہا کہ حضرت ابراہیم نے بتوں کو توڑ کر بت پرستوں کا دل کیوں دکھایا۔ میرے پاس اس کا کوئی جواب نہیں تھا۔ اس بارے میں آپ کیا کہیں گے؟