Sharing Income And Expenses

I live with my family consisting of my mother, unmarried sister, my wife and three sons aged 7,5,3 yrs respectively. My father died in 1985 leaving behind 75 acres of agricultural land. I manage all this land. I am also working with Bank Alfalah Ltd as branch manager. We share our income for running my home and other issues. I am worried that my mother aged 77 would not be able to manage her land, my sister is also cardiac and is not capable to manage her share of the land. I also bear all my family expenses.

Now I wish to share the income generated from all recourses of my family after deducting expenses. I want to be guided by Islam in this regard.

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Taxes And Zakah

There are lots of people who do not want to pay full tax on their salary. They show their official salary so low that they have to pay minimum taxes Alhamdulillah many in Pakistan and almost everyone in my small company is paying zakat. What I wanted to ask whether paying taxes is as important as paying zakat. Is it one and the same thing? I mean if by zakat formula our zakat payable is Rs 1000 and taxes payable is Rs 1500. Then when we have paid Rs 1500 in taxes do we need to pay the zakah separately?

We have to pay the taxes to the government no matter how corrupt we can claim it to be. But still it needs that amount to run its affairs. And we can see as today petrol prices have been increased by 6 Rs. This is disastrous to a nation. But at their part what can they do. They have to pay for which they need to collect and if we do not pay then they have to charge from us indirectly like this. So isn’t this better to adjust tax from zakat. Instead of saying that because I pay full zakat so I can pay 0% tax. My idea is that by doing so I am only putting my fellow countrymen in trouble. I agree that most of the money would be spent on government luxury but still that is their act. They have to be answerable to this not us. I shall be really thankful for your comments in this

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An Ethical Issue

Nowadays doctors prescribe medicine of that company that pays them. Is it morally and religiously acceptable? Is this income haram or halal?

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Status Of Income From Pensioner’s Benefit Account

I have to ask that is it Halal to open an account and use profits by Pensioner’s Benefit Account (PBA) under National Savings Organization, Ministry of Finance at National Savings Centre (NSCs)?

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کیا کیبل کی آمدنی جائز ہے

کیا کیبل کے اس بزنس کی آمدنی جائز ہے جس میں صرف وہی چینل دکھائیں جائیں جن کی قانون اجازت دیتا ہے؟


زکٰوۃ كا نصاب

میرا سوال یہ ہے کہ میری تنخواہ ٢٦٠٠٠ ماہانہ ہے۔ آج کے مہنگائی کے دور میں میں کتنی زکٰوۃ ادا کرنے کا پابند ہوں؟