Interpreting The Qur’an It The Light Of The Hadith

In some of your articles you have mentioned that hadees doesn’t explains the Quran rather the sunnah explains the same. It doesn't seem to me appropriate because there some Quranic verses cannot be understood without recourse to hadeeth. The following one is example.

They have taken their rabbis and priests as lords other than Allah.

This ayah was explained by the Messenger of Allah (saw), as reported by Tirmidhi on the authority of Adi bin Hatim who was a Christian before accepting Islam. Adi who had just accepted Islam, heard the Messenger of Allah (saw) recite the above ayah. He objected: "They do not worship their priests." The Prophet (saw) replied: "Whatever their priests and rabbis call permissible, they accept as permissible; whatever they declare as forbidden, they consider as forbidden, and thus they worship them.

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