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Is the descent of Isa (as) mentioned in the Qur’an?

In chapter 4, verse 159 of the Quran, it is said that the people of the book would believe Jesus before his death and that Jesus would be a witness against them on the day of Judgement. But Ghamidi sahib maintains that Jesus is already dead. We all know that all people of the book do not believe in Jesus i.e., the Jews. So, if Jesus has died and will not come back, as claimed by Ghamidi sahib, then how come Allah says that all people of the book will believe him before death. I think this proves that Jesus is not dead and may, therefore, come back to defeat antichrist befoe Qayama.

Please, I also want to know whether the answers I get from the Query service al-Mawrid are vetted by him or not. Also, I want that the answer to this question should come from him rather than his disciples. At least it should be vetted from him.

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