Isha And Tahajjud

Is it true that if someone misses ‘ishā' prayer then he/she cannot offer tahajjud prayer the same night?

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Reciting Basmalah In The Prayer

I have two questions. 1 - I asked you earlier about Bismillah in the beginning of Surah Fatiha. You gave a good answer but you didn't clear my doubt about whether it is necessary to recite it in the beginning of a prayer! And whether the prayer is acceptable if Bismillah is not recited ... since it is the part of Surah Fatiha.

2 - Suppose I went for the Isha'a Prayer and I missed one " raka'at ". Now I will pray with the imam the three raka'ats. When I get up to pray my missed raka'at, will it be my first raka'at or last? Will I recite a surah in it with Fatiha or just the Surah Fatiha?
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Why Is The Qur’an Whispered In Two Of The Congregational Prayers?

Why are daytime prayers offered silently and the night time prayers offered audibly?

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