Debate With Jehovah Witnesses

I am a Muslim convert and I am rather unusual in my conversion. One would never look at me and realize or even think that I was a Muslim. More than likely they would figure me as a WASP or Catholic, if you were to just look at the person and form an idea of them. I have been invited by the Jehovah Witnesses to come and learn about Jesus (pbuh) on what they believe to be the anniversary of his death, March 26, after sunset. I do not believe they know I am Muslim. They wish to explain: "Who is the man?" (well at least they got that right and did not call him God) "How does his death help us?" (they do not know Jesus did not die and it was His likeness that perished instead). "Why is it important that we remember Him?" They also allude to what the apostle Paul wrote concerning His death: "One man died for all." Now..... I would like to bring up to them Matthew 5: 17-20 and then ask them why they believe what Paul tells them. The Law is no longer needed and belief in Jesus' death is all that is needed for salvation. I want to ask them," Who are you going to listen to, Jesus, who told you to uphold the Law and not relax one of them, or Paul (who actually never even met Jesus but had a brief vision of him on the road to Damascus). They need to hear this and understand that upon the Day of Judgment, they will be asked by Allah, were they not told the truth by one who knew the truth? What else do you think I should address? I do believe that Allah is presenting me this unique opportunity and I do wish to make the most of it but in humble fashion of course. Your input is urgently needed for since day one of my conversion to Islam, I have viewed you as my teachers and have greatly benefited from your teachings of the Quran and the Hadith.

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