Marrying A Jewish Girl

I live in Canada and I have almost decided to marry a Jewish girl. She belongs to Reformed Judaism and more like the Jewish traditions than actually practicing Judaism. I am a practicing Muslim in regards to praying, fasting etc. and I strive to be better. I have been living in Canada for almost five years now. I grew up in Pakistan. She is forty and I am thirty-eight years old. We have known each other for almost three years. We connect on many levels and then there are other places where we differ a lot. That is mainly cultural and some religious differences. We have gone through a lot of discussions and I feel that as long as its only me and her in the picture I will inshaAllah be able to be content with my decision of marrying her, despite realizing the fact that there will be obstacles and more effort will be required in this relationship than having a traditional marriage with a Muslim girl. When it comes to kids, we fail to reach a common resolution as our differences look bigger in that scenario. Just to give you an example, I think a sexual relationship can only be after marriage (based on my religious beliefs and cultural practice) and she thinks that in western culture it is not possible and as long as one can remain faithful to their partner (unmarried) they should be able to spend their lives as they want. She thinks kids could be given knowledge of both Jewish and Muslim traditions and I think they will be confused that way so they should be raised in one tradition and I want them to be Muslims and she does not want the kids to only associate to Islam but Judaism as well. So we do not have an agreement there. She is already forty, so there may be complications in having kids altogether. She also thinks that at this stage of her life and given the situation she does not want to have kids. I love her and try to make every effort so that we can get married. I have also thought about not having kids. The dominant thought is to be able to live with her and I guess that is why I try to justify this thought by feeling that it is already late for me as well to have a traditional marriage cycle where one gets married at a younger age and have kids. I am also behind in my career path and need more time and effort to work hard and establish myself. So I feel that kid will be a huge responsibility. The main reason behind this thought of not having kids remain to be the fact that it will complicate our lives as we might not even be able to get married if we decided to get married. I feel that she and I will be able to do other stuff in life that will help us not to miss having kids. For example she and I are very keen towards bringing Jews and Muslims closer and helping both sides understand that there are so many misunderstandings and misconceptions and lack of trust that is the cause of lot of friction between Jews and Muslims. I would like your comments on the whole situation and my main question would be, in the given situation, if I decide not to have kids, will it be just according to Islam?

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یہود کی دیدارالٰہی کی خواہش

قرآن مجید سے معلوم ہوتا ہے کہ یہود نے حضرت موسیٰ سے اللہ کو دیکھنے کی فرمایش کی، یہ فرمایش انھوں نے کیوں کی؟