The Friday Prayer

What is the nature of the sermon delivered in the Friday Prayer? Who is authorized to deliver it? What should the speaker say in the sermon? Is it obligatory to say it in Arabic?

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Friday Congregations In A Local Mosque

We have an office where around 1000 people work. We have a system of offering the Zuhr and Asr prayers by laying down prayer mats (saff) in the hall and lobby, these saffs are later folded and normal people traffic goes on in this hall and lobby. We also hold Jumma gongregation on Friday in the same manner. It has been suggested that Jumma prayers cannot be offered unless there is a regular mosque and five daily prayers are offered regularly in the said mosque. Kindly provide the correct legal and Shariah position on this matter.

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Language Of The Friday Sermon

Is it permissible to use local languages on mimbar (pulpit) for the Friday Sermon? If so quote relevant references.

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Failing To Attend Friday Congregations

Usually I attend the Friday Congregation in the mosque in my locality. Last Friday I went to offer Friday Prayer in another mosque in my town. The imām, during the sermon, said that a person who doesn’t attend three consecutive Friday sermons is no longer regarded as Muslim. I am greatly disturbed to hear this. Last year, during a visit to Karachi, I did not go for Friday Prayers for the fear of suicide bombers. Please let me know how I stand as a Muslim. I will greatly appreciate your reply.

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جمعے کی نماز

جمعے کی فرض نماز کیا ہے؟